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Car Parking FAQ

What is the procedure on arrival at The Normandy Hotel?

On arrival at the hotel please take out your luggage ,leave your vehicle parked at the front take a key deposit envelope and fill out your details completely at a time suitable to yourself. Park your vehicle in a space within Zone A at the rear of the car park and make your way back to the main reception via our rear entrance.If you have a Blue Badge-please park your vehicle in a designated Bay at the front of the hotel. You will then be transferred most likely the following day by our courtesy minibus over to the terminal at your requested date & time with our receptionist. The buses run 24/7 and the journey time is approximately 6 minutes.

What happens when I return?

When you return and have collected your luggage, please call the hotel on the voucher or the free telephones provided by the airport in the baggage hall or at the terminal exits. Your  pick-up point B5,( it is the same place you would have been dropped off). Your luggage should be left attended at the front of the hotel and your vehicle collected and brought forward.-please note we operate a one way system at the front grounds, for correct traffic flow.

Will my car be removed from the car park?

No, we do not take cars out with the car park, every vehicle remains within the curtilage of the hotel grounds and we offer added peace of mind by way of covering off photographs of your fuel gauge/odometer and body panel pictures for added security and trust whilst your vehicle is in our possession.

Do I need to leave my keys?

Yes, for insurance purposes we must keep all vehicle keys whilst the vehicle is kept in the car park, this also helps if we need to create access for emergency services.

Will my car be covered by your insurance?

Cars parked with us are insured against damage caused by our staff. Please read our Terms & Conditions for full details.

What security do you have?

In addition to being fully manned 24 hours a day, the car park is fully covered by HD CCTV cameras and enclosed by security fencing and controlled entry/exit barriers.

How do I get to/from the Airport?

We provide an express coach service that will whisk you to the airport in approximately five minutes. Please arrange adequate time for your drop off as our bus schedule runs promptly.

On your return, please call us on the either by mobile or free phone in the baggage hall as soon as your baggage has been reclaimed make your way to bus stop B5. The coach will then return you to the hotel where you will receive your vehicle keys at the main reception and you will receive an indication of where your vehicle is parked within Zone B.

Car Won't Start or Flat Tyre?

If your car won't start on your return, or you find you have a flat tyre, there will always be a member of staff on hand to give you a jump-start or blow up the tyre - free of charge!-Our offer of this free service is based on the full consent of the driver.

How do I know I am getting a good deal?

We keep a close watch on the prices within the Glasgow Airport campus hotels & car parks to ensure we are always competitive.